Meal Prep 101 – to Keep You Healthy & On Track

meal prep 101 to keep you healthy on track - Meal Prep 101 – to Keep You Healthy & On Track

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Meal preparation prepares all or part of your meals in advance. It's having take-away options like buying those ready-to-eat lunches in your local cafe or having frozen meals on hand, only better, healthier and with unprocessed ingredients. .

It can even be as simple as preparing the ingredients you will use throughout the week. You can have your vegetables pre-chopped and sealed in Tupperware so they're ready to be blended when you're ready (think of salads, soups, porridge, stir-fries, etc.).


Saves you time
Allows you to save money
Helps you control portions
Keeps you healthy
Prevents skipped meals (which can lead to late consumption)

How to prepare a meal:

Choose a day! Choose a block of time. You can prepare a frittata for it to last a week in less than an hour (and chop vegetables for other meals / snacks while cooking).
Choose a meal (or a few). Whether you decide to prepare a huge pot of soup, a healthy pan or just want your breakfasts to be ready (that is, a night of oats). You can even simplify your life by cooking your favorite cereals and poultry and boiling a heap of eggs for you to prepare meals.
Cut, cut, cut! Never harm to chop vegetables. If you have carrots, celery, radishes, peppers ready to be added to salads or meals, you will be more likely to use them when cooking. Although it's as simple as an omelette with vegetables. And it is convenient for instant snacks (ie hummus and carrots).
Stay simple Start with simple meals and / or snacks. Hard boiled eggs are obvious. They are a protein choice that is easy to pair with fruits or vegetables for a snack or use to add to your salads.
Choose time-saving options that fit your budget: you can buy pre-chopped and washed vegetables / vegetables. Having these vegetables ready for use prevents you from letting them rot in the refrigerator.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article: Baking to Succeed!

It will include recipes and tips from my fellow dietitians.

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